Dance Me Fit Kids – Zumba Kids & DIO

Our Dance Me Fit Kids Program teaches both Zumba Kids® and Dance it Out (DIO)® to provide two amazing diversified dance fitness workouts! Classes are for kids ages 4 years to 11 years old.

Class Structure

Classes are generally 45 minutes in length and consists of the following:

  • Group discussion of staying physically and mentally fit
  • Dance fitness warm-up and dynamic stretch
  •  Learn 1-2 dance fitness routines (African, Bollywood, Latin, Hip Hop etc.)
  •  Game/Unification (time to unify the group with some dance fitness exercise)
  •  Cool down and stretch
  • Stickers and/or prize box

Note: Parents are encouraged to stop by only during the last 5-10 minutes of class to view what the children have learned. Students should wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle if possible. Click here for class locations/date/times

Dance  Me Fit Kids Program Benefits

Our Dance Me Fit Kids program is for kids ages 4 years to 11 years old. Children learn dance fitness routines and play fun educational games. There are many benefits to taking a dance fitness class that can help in many areas of mental and physical growth and development. This includes:

  • Self-Improvement – All classes are taught to not only cultivate individuality and creativity, but to develop leadership, respect, teamwork, confidence, and responsibility.
  • Healthy Lifestyle  – Our goal is to incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives.  Exercise helps promote a positive mood, improve memory retention, and keeps kids active.
  • Increased Performance – Enhance skills in coordination, rhythm and timing which will assist in improving motor skills in other sports and performing arts.
  • Diversity & Cultural Awareness – Kids discover  international dance rhythms and styles of music and learn to appreciate a variety of cultures around the world.

Student Registration

For safety reasons, online registration is required before attending class. Registration is open all school year and tuition will be automatically prorated. Yes, you can sign your child up at anytime. Child can attend class at any school location and do not need to be student at school. Register Online Now

Program Costs & Scholarships

Dance Me Fit Offers Two Sessions per School Year –  Session A is 10 classes (End of September/Beginning of October to Mid-December) and Session B is 10 classes (End of January to End of April)

Registration fee: Is only $23 per session and includes Dance Me Fit t-shirt and supplies. (Note: This is per session. If you want to save the most it is best to do a full year registration to avoid paying this fee for both sessions.)

Tuition: Cost is only $10 per class and will be prorated for those who start after the 10 classes. For 10 classes per session is only $99 for first student and only $89 for the second student.


  • Sign up with a sibling or a friend discount and save $10 off tuition
  • Full Year Registration  – Pay for the entire school year (Both Session A&B) for only $209 (20 classes includes registration & tuition) that’s a savings of $35!

Financial Assistance: Scholarships, financial aid and payment plan arrangements are available upon request. It is our goal to have every child be able to participate and not let finances be a hindrance in any way. Contact us for financial assistance or a scholarship at time of registration or via email ( or phone.

Payment Arrangements: Tuition can be made into two payments  or you can pay later. If you do not want to pay online you can make a check or money order to Dance Me Fit and bring to the first day of class.


Classes are scheduled to begin 5-10 minutes after school lets out. Schedule is subject to change based on school events. Please note we will never have class on a non-school day. If school is not in session then there is no class. Please note registration is open all school year long. View DMF Kids Schedule

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