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What are others saying about Dance Me Fit classes?


Dawn from San Diego, CA


I began a nutrition program and started seeing a personal trainer in 2010. I was seeing results and losing weight BUT not really enjoying it at all. I never really liked exercising and even though my personal trainer was friendly, I dreaded the 3 mornings a week that I had to get up and work out. In June, 2011 my training was complete. I decided to attend a Zumba class that was taught by Michele Jones. I was completely shocked at how much FUN I had! Michele was so energetic, upbeat, and encouraging! Now, when Michele has a class scheduled… I’m there! Every class is exciting and the music is great! It is literally a one hour dance party! Even without a dance background I am able to follow Michele’s Zumba choreography. I now willingly go the the gym 5 days a week and have gained an excellent mentor and friend. My weight loss journey has taken me from 165 pounds to an amazing 125 pounds! With Zumba I have no fear that I will ever be back there again!

Ting from San Diego, CA


I look forward to Michele’s Zumba class every week! Michele provides options for low or high impact steps to cater to the various needs of the students in her class.  Her Zumba classes are high-energy and fun, and her Zumba music and choreography are well thought out. In fact in a 50 minute Zumba class I burned over 800 calories. Michele has turned me into a Zumbaddict!

Brandy from San Diego, CA


 I have been taking Michele Jones' classes for a couple of years and I love her. It started with Zumba which I loved and Michele has gone on to introduce me to new styles of fitness including Fierce Funk, and now my favorite DIO! The classes fly by I love it. It starts with a breathing exercise that teaches you to concentrate on you breathing and don't forget to breath. The choreography is broke down into easy to learn steps that are pieced together so you can do a whole routine. Its so much fun with numerous styles including country, hip hop, gospel, Bollywood, and African. I could go on and on about how fun it is but the only way to really know is to experience yourself. If you haven't tried DIO yet I highly recommend it (even better if you could make it to one of Michele's classes)! Its a wonderful way to burn some serious calories.

Nickie from San Diego, CA


The Dance It Out (DIO) class is so awesome!  I had a stroke 2 years ago and was self conscious about my limp and limitations.  Michele was very encouraging about coming to class.  I tried the class and immediately could tell that I was walking better and my stamina was increasing with each class!  The class is fun and different every week.  We try new styles of dancing, and also do breathing exercises, and ab work.  Its by far my favorite class and instructor.  Everyone should try it!

Jesena from San Diego, CA


If you want to have an awesome experience and workout, you need to check out Michele’s Zumba class! I come out of her class rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of my day. My job requires me to be on top of my game. The energy I get from Michele’s class allows me to optimally tackle my job responsibilities. I started the class as a true beginner and only after five sessions, I am now in step with her and cannot stop smiling the whole time!  There is nothing like a good instructor pushing you to your potential!

Andrea from San Diego, CA


Michele always has a gleaming contagious smile and and energizing vibe! This woman lives for Zumba and it definitely shows in her routines! Her classes are fun, energizing and best of all, a GREAT workout! At the end of class, you find yourself wishing it wasn't going to end. I highly recommend Michele as she is one of my favorite Zumba instructors. Anyone who does Zumba knows that it all depends on what type of instructor you have!